Join us as an online Quran teacher at Easy Tajweed Academy, where we offer a comprehensive course in Tajweed and the eloquence of expression in English, along with an accredited training program. If you possess proficiency in the English language and have excellent skills in reciting the Holy Quran, we will pave the way for you to work with specialized foreign companies in Quranic education. You will receive a qualifying course to become a teacher of the Holy Quran for non-Arabic speakers.

virtue teaching the Holy Quran

Online Quran teacher preparation course

The teaching of the Holy Quran holds immense virtue. According to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), “The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” This noble act brings numerous benefits to both the teacher and the students.

When one teaches the Quran, they contribute to the preservation and transmission of sacred knowledge, ensuring that the profound spiritual wealth and wisdom contained within the Quran continue to thrive.

Moreover, through teaching the Quran, individuals have the opportunity to guide others onto the straight path, assisting them in establishing a deeper connection with Allah.

Furthermore, the act of teaching the Quran brings blessings and enriches the teacher’s understanding of Allah’s Word.

With the advent of online platforms, Quran teaching has become more accessible, breaking geographical barriers and time constraints. This enables individuals from all around the world to learn the Quran accurately, regardless of their location or other limitations.

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The course includes:

  • Tajweed course in English.
  • Nour Al-Bayan course in English.
  • Practical training with foreigners.
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